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The vision of “Light & Might” is to serve each and every student from different backgrounds across India to make the right career decision for their brighter, better, and more satisfied future.

Welcome to Light & Might Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Light & Might Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. works on the motto “Towards educational excellence.” It’s a one-stop solution to the students’ career-making decisions through psychometric career counselling, where counselors access students’ areas of interest, their personality traits, and current career trends, assisting them by taking suitable career pathways from undergrad to masters and also making college suggestions.

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Why Choose Light & Might


Our In-depth Knowledge in evolving & updating the career industry helps students to take right career pathway.


Dedicated student support throughout their journey.


Multidimensional analysis on students’ area of interest & their personality traits.


College suggestions based on students’ academics and financial capacity.


Complete Study abroad profiling – End to end assistance.


Light & Might stands in the value of Dedication & Honesty.!

Our Services

Career Counselling

  • Career Guidance
  • Psychometric Career assessment
  • College recommendations
  • Career Pathway till Masters

Abroad Studies

  • Study Abroad Profiling
  • Best college Recommendations
  • Applying University Scholarships
  • University Application Process

College Admissions

  • Medicals
  • Paramedicals
  • Allied Sciences
  • Veterinary



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Overseas Councelling


Will definitely be a great platform for the future MBBS aspirants planning to do their studies abroad.. The mentoring and reliable news updates regarding the admission and other processes from the required countries are explained well..Most importantly the special advantage is that the career councelling which decides one's important future destiny is also mentored well here..and the students and parents are well adviced and accordingly their studies is been moved forward to other countries with a reasonable amount of fee..which is comparatively lesser and as well as the mentors are reliable and caring,which again leads as an advantage for LIGHT AND MIGHT CAREER CONSULTANCY! ALL THE BEST FUTURE DOCTORS.. choose your choice wisely by getting clear reliable updates and mentoring which they provide here with all of their heart!
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Mrithika CM

I'm very happier with the service I have received with the light and might career consultancy. They provided a great service and kept us on a track towards success. One of the most trustable consultancy in which everyone can make their dreams come true. All the best future doctors ...
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Surya 2002

Highly satisfied with their service. The staffs were honest and humble towards us
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Ashwin Anish